iPhone apps

locateMe-SMS can send your position automatically by text messages (sms).

The message has two parts:
- One part customizable by the user ("settings").

- Another part filled by locateMe-SMS which determines the position of the user at the time of transmission:

  • geographical coordinates in two formats dd(decimal degrees) and dms (degrees, minutes, seconds)
  • accuracy in meters
  • a link to Google Maps map centered on the position


The main users of locateMe-SMS are:

  • walkers and hikers in trouble who want to transmit their position easily and without stress
  • hichers who want a simple way to note waypoints along their journey
  • users who want to make a mysterious and fun appointment...
  1. locateMe-SMS works with iPhone OS 4.0 and later
  2. User must have configured his iPhone to send sms



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